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About IoU


The two initiators of IOU Peter Söderlund and Robert Lindqvist has a long experience of working with people who are moving into criminality and abuse or who have already slipped down the wrong path. In 2006 they founded together IOU Design for charity, a fundraising foundation with the aim of helping people in exclusion into employment and into society. IoU develops and produces environmentally friendly and community socially produced products with an ecological approach and sell them through our own store and website as well as via hand-picked dealers. Here you will find both furniture for outdoor as for meeting places in public spaces. You'll also find home textiles, glass, ceramics etc.

Product development, production, distribution, finance, management, marketing and sales are partly in the form of a training program to help the people of alienation back to the community. Part of the profit goes to organizations and projects that work to help people in exclusion and reduce human suffering. We market our products under the brand nce [ay-o-jo], an English play on words that means "I owe you." IOU is also an English-American expressions of the promissory note.


Some important dates for IOU Design:

2006 The fundrising foundation IOU Design for charity is founed by Peter and Robert

2007 TAF Design designs the first products, furniture series Lärkan shown at the furniture fair in Älvsjö same year

2008 New design collaboration begins with BraavoKruse

2009 Karin launched together with BraavoKruse

2010 Park launched together with BraavoKruse

2011 Development cooperation with the Culture and Stockholmshem results in a series of cultivation products for balcony

2012 A partnership with VLA, Vietnamese Lawyear company commences when the IOU and x-cons are launching a joint SIDA projects in Vietnam, Karl and Pot

2013 A partnership with the community social cooperative Opera in Fiore commence launched together with BraavoKruse

2014 Lounge Group GBG launched together with Charlie Stybjörn Nilsson and Sami Kallio, Zebra launched together with Johanna Strand

2015 Park sofa XX launched together with Anna Clara StenbergGleistner

2016 A collaboration between the IOU, Södertälje Municipality and the College of Arts results in a whole new approach to meeting places in public spaces, and several new products.

Product development philosophy

IOU Design manufactures and markets products of good design and high quality, made in an environmentally friendly way. The goal is to provide a comprehensive product range for the dining table as well as for your garden and public space. We develop, produce and market products based on the five cornerstones of our product philosophy:

• Environmentally friendly products
• Good design
• High quality
• Produced, distributed and marketed to some extent by people of alienation
• Sales are exclusively charitable purposes which part of the profit goes to counteract crime and drugs, and to help people in exclusion into the labor market.

Products from "farm to fork"

Our starting point is the meeting around food and in your garden. With our products for garden, home and kitchen so we want to follow you throughout the journey, from "farm to fork". Therefore we design and sell both such different products as gardening products pots as well as dining tables, lounge groups, glass, porcelain and fabric that suits both individuals, restaurants and public places.

Products for "meeting places in public spaces"

Housing policy was debated in parliament April 7th, 1965 and the Government's proposed construction of 100,000 apartments per year for ten years was upheld. The goal was to over a decade to build one million homes to remedy it since the 1950s, the prevailing housing shortage, eliminating overcrowding and improve housing standards.
Million program buildings represent about 25 percent of the housing stock in Sweden and reflects the 1960s and 1970s the idea of a welfare society.

Many of the million program areas in Sweden acquired a bad reputation and branded as physically and socially inferior.

To develop venues for the public space and apply them in including the Million Programme environments is one way to improve integration, reduce social exclusion, create jobs and lay the foundation for sustainable, attractive cities.
IOU has in collaboration with the architect and design education at Konstfack and criminal and drug rehabilitation organization x-cons developed a concept aimed at creating meeting places in public spaces. The idea is to thereby increase interaction and integration, creating jobs and combating exclusion as part of the development of future sustainable and attractive cities. These venues can be designed in various ways, the fundamental is that they are not just an "architectural and design assignment cosmetic facelift" without filling a real practical function and delivers a user value, which in turn creates opportunities for meetings with the value.

In a first step to implement this concept IoU have established a contact with Sodertalje City and a partnership has been initiated with the Planning Office in Södertälje regarding the design of a pilot project in order to create "meeting places in public spaces" and how these could be realized and applied in a "test environment" in one or more of the Million Programme districts in Södertälje.

An important success factor for the creation of "meeting places in public space" is that the project is partly driven by the people of alienation. People who are often part of multi-million programs residents, both in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. Given that the project is a success, and it created a foundation for a sustainable, environmentally friendly, to society socially responsible and competitive production also created a basis for the development of social enterprises in Södertälje as well as collaboration with established companies in Sodertalje related to the design, production, distribution and inventory , marketing and sales of products developed within the project meetings in public space.


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